SBGA saves you money with high volume shipping benefits
High Volume Shipping Services (SBGA)

High volume shipping is becoming a more commonplace component for the small business owner. Ecommerce, the internet, and a shrinking world have many businesses shipping more than ever before. High volume shipping and freight can add up to large shipping bills, which is why many savvy business owners are turning to discounted shipping services. The savings add up with high volume shipping when you utilize a discounted shipping service.

High volume shipping means high costs for your business, however, with a discounted shipping service you can operate more efficiently. You’ll get the same shipping service you’ve always enjoyed at a fraction of the cost. Using a discounted shipping service for your high volume shipping needs simply allows you to make more money. Saving a few hundred dollars every month adds up to thousands of dollars in extra profits for you at the end of the year.

Many business owners don’t realize how much they can save on their high volume shipping with a discounted shipping service. At SBGA our members regularly save up to $600 a month. At the end of the year that’s $6,936 more dollars in profit. With access to our incredible FedEx discounts you’ll quickly see our savings add up. There are so many benefits to partnering with SBGA you can’t afford not to request a free consultation. Start saving on your high volume shipping today with SBGA’s discounted shipping service.

High Volume Shipping Discounts Let You Send More
High Volume Shipping with SBGA

High volume shipping costs can quickly add up, eating into your profits and your ability to do further business. When shipping rates are keeping you from doing the business you want to do your bottom line will suffer. If the cost of shipping is holding you back you may want to consider utilizing a discounted shipping service. High volume shipping discounts allow you to send more at lower costs, meaning you can do more business. The ability to ship more at high savings equates to larger profits for your business.

Regular FedEx rates can quickly add up and eat into your profits. However, high volume shipping discounts allow you to ship as much as you need to at far lower costs. You will be both increasing the amount of business you can do and decreasing your output on the cost of doing business. Sending more packages for less means making more money for your business. If growing your business means you need to increase your shipping frequency, then high volume shipping discounts are an absolute must for your business.

SBGA offers discounts through FedEx that are unavailable to the general public. With our fantastic member savings you’ll easily be able to send more, and, therefore, make more. Many of our members report saving nearly $7,000 every year on their shipping costs. SBGA offers a hassle free way to drastically reduce your shipping bill while increasing your shipping volume. It’s an opportunity your business can’t afford to pass up.