SBGA offers low cost shipments making sending packages
Shipping boxes by SBGA

Low cost shipments are a must for any small business that sends regular packages. Even small dollar shipping costs can quickly add up and begin to eat into your business’s profits. However, low cost shipments can make sending your packages more affordable. With all the expenses associated with running a small business, and all the competition out there, small business owners have to pinch every penny. Sometimes cost cutting can take away from the quality of your operation. With low cost shipping you’ll be cutting costs while at the same time only increasing the quality and efficiency of your operation.

Sending the packages you need to keep your operation going should not be a hindrance to your business. Low cost shipments make the cost of business operations more affordable. It’s the most efficient way for you to run your business. Don’t waste time looking for ways to cut costs that aren’t going to benefit the efficiency of your operation. Low cost shipments are a hassle free way for you to save money. You’ll be able to send more packages for less money.

Partnering with SBGA can get you the low cost shipments you need to make sending packages more affordable. You’ll have access to discounts from FedEx that will put the profits right back into your business. Our members report saving nearly $750 a year with our low cost shipments. Our high volume customers report nearly $7,000 in yearly savings. Don’t let your shipping costs eat into your profits. Consult with SBGA to find out what low cost shipments can do for your business.

Cut Costs and Save By Making Low Cost Shipments
Controling shipping costs with SBGA

Discounted shipping is an easy way for small business owners to save big on their operating expenses. By enrolling in a simple service businesses can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a month depending on their shipping needs. It’s one of the few ways business owners can cut costs without sacrificing quality. With no change to how you run your day to day operations, discounted shipping can bring in large savings.

Small business owners struggling to find ways to save money cannot afford to overlook the benefits of discounted shipping. It’s one of the easiest ways to decrease costs and increase profits. If your shipping bill has you shaking your head, it’s time to look into discounted shipping. Even if your shipping bill doesn’t feel like much of a burden, why not take the simple steps to decrease it. Small savings can quickly add up for small businesses.

If you’re ready to save money with affordable shipping, it’s time you call SBGA. Our members are saving thousands and so can you. With no minimums, no required usage and no hidden fees you simply can’t go wrong with SBGA’s discounted shipping service. You’ll continue to enjoy all the FedEx services you’ve grown accustomed to, but at deep discounts only we can offer. You’ll even be able to keep your existing FedEx number. You won’t notice a change in your operation, but you will notice a change in your shipping bill.